Molecular Photodynamics and Electronics

Photonics&Materials Group


The atomic and molecular motions usually occur on an ultrashort time scale and they can be investigated by the interaction with femtosecond light pulses in time-resolved experiments. The goal of these studies is to uncover the behaviour of the molecular systems by extracting information at a microscopic level. Time-resolved spectroscopic studies became fundamental for measuring the complexity of reaction processes that occur in physical, chemical and biological systems.


Two examples of our research are presented below:

Isomerization, twisted states

Molecular machines



Electronic processes in molecular materials: photoinduced charge transfer, photoinduced electron transfer, electronic energy transfer, intersystem crossing are in the scope of our research. In strong relationship with molecular geometry and thus with molecular photodynamics.

Molecular sensors

PDT compounds

Reversible energy transfer in supramolecular systems


Communication between molecules by photocontrolled ions


I thank the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux, the Région Aquitaine, the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, the European Research Council, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for the financial support helping to provide our research.




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