Françoise Argoul is a member of the Soft Matter and Biophysics Team, Mecanogenetics of Cells and Tissues Group.

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Techniques de recherche

Techniques de recherche

Single cell mechanics and quantatitative phase microscopy techniques

Genome analysis and modeling

Multi-scale and time-frequency decomposition methods for complex signal and images



My research mostly focuses on two complementary aspects: (i) the study of nano- (or submicron) scale processes such as those involving DNA (DesoxyriboNucleic Acid) and other molecular actors inside the cell nucleus and/or cytoskeleton, and (ii) the global dynamics and mechanics of living cells and the mechanisms of mechanical signal transfer from the cell exterior to the cell nucleus (back and forth). Both theses studies are now grouped under the title MECHANOGENETICS OF THE CELL.

The different experimental and theoretical approaches are illustrated in the figure below:



(a) Fluorescence staining of fibroblast cytoskeleton filaments: AFs and MTs (left), IFs (right). (b) Quantitative phase imaging of an adherent mesenchymal type cell. (c) Schematic of the nano-sensing tools for cell rheology. (d) Wavelet-based decomposition of signals [signals (top), color-coded time-scale decomposition (middle), WTMM chains (bottom)], and images [the original image (top right), the segmented image (top right)]. (e) Multi-network layer modelling with cross-linked (or uncross-linked) deterministic or stochastic molecular actors.



Physics Laboratory of ENS Lyon (Team of B. AUDIT): Genomic and epigenomic analysis of DNA and chromatin

Molecular Genetics Laboratory, ENS Paris (Team of O. HYRIEN): Replication origins in metazoa(multicellular eukaryotic organisms): new approaches at the genome scale.

Institute for Biochemistry and Cellular Genetics, Bordeaux University (Team of A. DEVIN): Cell Energetic Metabolism.

Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology, King’s College, University of Aberdeen (Scotland) (Team of C. GREBOGI) Nonlinear dynamics of complex networks.

Center of Research on Cancer of Lyon (Team of V. MAGUER SATTA): BMP, tumor niche and resistance.

Neuromyogene Institute of Lyon (Team of L. SCHAEFFER): Muscle-neuron interactions.

RAS Continuum Mechanics Institute, Perm State University, Russia (Team of O. NAIMARK): Plasticity and failure of solids with defects.

Department of Mathematics, Main University, Orono, USA (Team of A. KHALIL): Wavelet based image analysis: applications in biology and astrophysics.



List of publications on Hal Archive

124 Publications in journals indexed within Web of Science Core Collection, Sum of Times cited without self-citation: 2453, Average citations per item: 23, H-Index: 32
32 Conference Proceedings, 4 Patents, 1 Book, 3 Book chapters

Selected publications:

B. Laperrousaz, L. Berguiga, F. E. Nicolini, C. Martinez-Torres, A. Arneodo, V. Maguer-Satta, F. Argoul, Revealing stiffening and brittlening of chronic myelogenous leukemia hematopoietic primary cells through their temporal response to shear stress, Physical Biology 13 (2016) 03LT01. Citations 0, IF: 2.536

C. Martinez-Torres, A. Arneodo, L. Streppa, P. Argoul, F. Argoul, Passive microrheology of soft materials with atomic force microscopy: a wavelet based spectral analysis, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108 (2016) 034102. Citations 1, IF: 3.293

C. Martinez-Torres, B. Laperrousaz, L. Berguiga, E. Boyer-Provera, J. Elezgaray, F. E. Nicolini, V. Maguer-Satta, A. Arneodo, F. Argoul, Deciphering the internal complexity of living cells with quantitative phase microscopy: a multiscale approach, J. Biomed. Opt. 20 (2015) 096005. Citations 1, IF: 2.603

S. Digiuni, A. Berne-Dedieu, C. Martinez-Torres, J. Szecsi, M. Bendahmane, A. Arneodo, F. Argoul, Single cell wall nonlinear mechanics revealed by a multi-scale analysis of AFM force-indentation curves, Biophys. J. 108 (2015) 2235–2248. Citations 3, IF: 3.632.

C. Martinez-Torres, L. Berguiga, L. Streppa, E. Boyer-Provera, L. Schaeffer, J. Elezgaray, A. Ar- neodo, F. Argoul, Diffraction phase microscopy: retrieving phase contours on living cells with a wavelet-based space- scale analysis, J. Biomed. Opt. 19 (2014) 036007. Citations 7, IF: 2.603

A. Arneodo, C. Vaillant, B. Audit, F. Argoul, Y. d’Aubenton Carafa, C. Thermes, Multi-scale coding of genomic information: from DNA sequence to genome structure and function, Physics Reports 498 (2011) 45–188. Citations 54, IF: 22.124.

P. Milani, M. Gholamirad, J. Traas, A. Arneodo, A. Boudaoud, F. Argoul, O. Hamant, In vivo analy- sis of local wall stiffness at the shoot apical meristem in Arabidopsis using atomic force microscopy, The Plant Journal 67 (6) (2011) 1116–1123. Citations 64, IF: 5.468.

J. Moukhtar, C. Faivre-Moskalenko, P. Milani, B. Audit, C. Vaillant, E. Fontaine, F. Mongelard, G. Lavorel, P. St-Jean, P. Bouvet, F. Argoul, A. Arneodo, Effect of genomic long-range correlations on DNA per- sistence length: from theory to single molecule experiments., The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (15) (2010) 5125–5143. Citations 18, IF: 3.187.

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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae


Françoise Argoul received her PhD from the University of Bordeaux in 1986. She is a Director of Research of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (DR1 – CNRS – France).  She manages a research program devoted to the experimental characterization of the mechanical and genomic response of cellular systems under external stresses, and to the role of mechanical and dynamical parameters on the modification of cellular regulation mechanims. This program combines  experimental methods on single living cells (AFM, surface plasmon, phase contrast, quantitative phase imaging, high resolution fluorescence microscopy), modeling methods to understand the role of physical constraints on the route of cells to pathologies such as cancer and aging and analyzing tools for complex signals and images.  After 13 years spent in Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon (Physics Laboratory) where she actively contributed to the creation of a transdisciplinary Joliot Curie Laboratory, she was offered in the fall 2015 the possibility to start a new project devoted to the mechanogenetics of cells and its alteration in cancer, in a brand new environment of the Laboratory Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine.


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