The research topics addressed by Photonics & Materials team cover a wide range of activities from the elaboration of materials and their properties to the fundamentals and applications of photonics. Our key themes are ultrafast processes in liquid or solid phases, plasmonics, non-linear optics and singular optics, scanning thermal microscopy and THz spectro-imaging, optomechanics, characterization and study of structural and thermal properties of materials,  all these topics being strengthened by numerical modeling and simulations.

Establishing new knowledge on matter and its interaction with light also enable us to develop innovative applications in collaboration with industrial players. All these activities are based on experiments carried out in the laboratory owing to a large set of optical systems, laser sources and characterization tools.

Faculty members

CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
UB: Université de Bordeaux

Publications since 2015


  • Protonation-Gated Dual Photochromism of a Chromene–Styryl Dye Hybrid
    D. V. Berdnikova, T. Paululat, G. Jonusauskas, S. M. Peregudova, O. A. Fedorova
    Organic Letters (in press)
  • Relationship between the two-component system 1-Br-adamantane + 1-Cl-adamantane and the high-pressure properties of the pure components
    M. Barrio, P. Lloveras , A. Aznar , Ph. Negrier, D. Mondieig , and J. LI. Tamarit
    Fluid Phase Equilibria (in press)
  • Direct wavefront measurement of terahertz pulses using two-dimensional electro-optic imaging
    M. Brossard, H. Cahyadi, M. Perrin, J. Degert, E. Freysz, T. Yasui, and E. Abraham
    IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology (in press)
  • Ultra-broadband gradient-pitch Bragg-Berry mirrors
    M. Rafayelyan, G. Agez, and E. Brasselet
    Physical Review A 96, 043862 (2017)
  • Focus issue introduction: synergy of structured light and structured materials
    A. Omatsu, N. M. Litchinitser, E. Brasselet, R. Morita, and J. Wang
    Optics Express 25, 16681-16685 (2017)
  • Laguerre-Gaussian quasi-modal q-plates from nanostructured glasses
    M. Rafayelyan, T. Gertus, and E. Brasselet
    Applied Physics Letters 110, 261108 (2017)
  • Multiple-star system adaptive vortex coronagraphy using a liquid crystal light valve
    A. Aleksanyan, N. Kravets, and E. Brasselet
    Physical Review Letters 118, 203902 (2017)
  • Spin-orbit optomechanics of optically levitated chiral Bragg microspheres
    G. Tkachenko, M. Rafayelyan, and E. Brasselet
    Physical Review A 95, 053839 (2017)
  • Laguerre-Gaussian modal q-plates
    M. Rafayelyan and E. Brasselet
    Optics Letters 42, 1966-1969 (2017)
  • Dielectric geometric phase optical elements fabricated by femtosecond direct laser writing in photoresists
    X. Wang, A. Kuchmizhak, E. Brasselet, and S. Juodkazis
    Applied Physics Letters 110, 181101 (2017)
  • Sub-diffraction-limited fluorescent patterns by tightly focusing polarized femtosecond vortex beams in a silver-containing glass
    E. Lee, Y. Petit, E. Brasselet, T. Cardinal, S. H. Park, and L. Canioni
    Optics Express 25, 10565-10573 (2017)
  • Self-eclipsing: alignment-free vortex coronagraphy
    A. Aleksanyan and E. Brasselet
    Optics Letters 42, 1237-1240 (2017)
  • Geometric phase shaping of terahertz vortex beams
    A. Minasyan, C. Trovato, J. Degert, E. Freysz, E. Brasselet, and E. Abraham
    Optics Letters 42, 41-44 (2017)
  • Interferometric Terahertz Wavefront Analysis
    E. Abraham, T. Ogawa, M. Brossard, and T. Yasui
    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 23, 8400505 (2017)
  • High-throughput heterodyne thermoreflectance: Application to thermal conductivity measurements of a Fe-Si-Ge thin film alloy library
    Q. d’Acremont, G. Pernot, J.-M. Rampnoux, A. Furlan, D. Lacroix, A. Ludwig, and S. Dilhaire
    Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 074902 (2017)
  • Influence of Substrate Temperature and Film Thickness on Thermal, Electrical, and Structural Properties of HPPMS and DC Magnetron Sputtered Ge Thin Films
    A. Furlan, D. Grochla, Q. D’Acremont, G. Pernot, S. Dilhaire, and A. Ludwig
    Advanced Engineering Materials 19, 1600854 (2017)
  • Photostability of biological systems—Femtosecond dynamics of zinc tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine at cancerous and noncancerous human Breast tissues
    H. Abramczyka , B. Brozek-Pluskaa, J. Surmackia, M. Tondusson, and E. Freysz
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 332, 10-24 (2017)
  • Large optical third-order nonlinearities in a switchable prussian blue analogue
    A. Ould Hamouda, A. Iazzolino, H. Tokoro , S. I. Ohkoshi, and E. Freysz
    Optical Materials Express 7, 444-453 (2017)
  • Regio- and stereoselective [2+2] photocycloaddition in Ba2+ templated supramolecular dimers of styryl-derivatized aza-heterocycles
    D. V. Berdnikova, T. M. Aliyeu, S. Delbaere, Y. V. Fedorov, G. Jonusauskas, V. V. Novikov, A. A. Pavlov, A. S. Peregudov, N. E. Shepel’, F. I. Zubkov, and О. A. Fedorova
    Dyes and Pigments 139, 397 (2017)
  • Controlling Photophysics of Styrylnaphthalimides through TICT, Fluorescence and E,Z-Photoisomerization Interplay
    P. A. Panchenko, A. N. Arkhipova, O. A. Fedorova, Y. V. Fedorov, M. A. Zakharko, D. E. Arkhipov, and G. Jonusauskas
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19, 1244 (2017)
  • Nonlinear optical properties and application of a chiral photostimulable Fe(II) diimine compound
    Iazzolino, A. Ould Hamouda, A. Naïm, O. Stefánczyk, P. Rosa, and E. Freysz,
    Applied Physics Letters 110, 161908 (2017)
  • Study of 5-azidomethyl-8-hydroxyquinoline structure by X-ray diffraction and HF-DFT computational methods
    H. Bougharraf, R. Benallal, T. Sahdane , D. Mondieig , Ph. Negrier , S. Massip , M. Elfaydi , B. Lakhrissi, and B. Kabouchi
    Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A 91, 358-365 (2017)
  • Orientational Order In The Stable Buckminster Fullerene Solvate C60-2CBr2H2
    J. Ye, M. Barrio, Ph. Negrier, N. Qureshi, I. B. Rietveld, R. Céolin, and J. LI. Tamarit
    The European Physical Journal Special Topics 226, 857-867 (2017)
  • A new intermediate Polymorph of 1-Fluoro-Adamantane and its Second-Order Like Transition Towards the Low Temperature Phase
    L. Yuan, S. Clevers, A. Burel, Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, B. Ben Hassine, D. Mondieig, V. Dupray, J. LI. Tamarit, and G. Coquerel
    Crystal Growth and Design 17, 3395-3401 (2017)
  • Synthesis and spectral properties of fluorescent dyes based on 4-styryl-1,8-naphthalimide
    P. A. Panchenko, A. N. Arkhipova, M. A. Zakharko, G. Jonusauskas, Yu. V. Fedorov, O. A. Fedorova
    Russian Chemical Bulletin 65, 2444 (2017)
  • Functionalized Ruthenium Complexes: Selective « Turn-on » Detection of Biologically Relevant Anionic Species
    E. Berni, L. Le Henaff, L. Jarrige, E. Girard, G. Jonusauskas, I. Gosse, and S. Pinet
    European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017, 3620 (2017)
  • Light-induced piston nanoengines: ultrafast shuttling of a styryl dye inside cucurbit[7]uril
    E.Y. Chernikova, D. V. Berdnikova, Y. V. Fedorov, O. A. Fedorova, F. Maurel, and G. Jonusauskas
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics19, 25834 (2017)


  • Vortex coronagraphy from self-engineered liquid crystal spin-orbit masks
    A. Aleksanyan and E. Brasselet
    Optics Letters 41, 5234-5237 (2016)
  • Wrinkled axicons : shaping light from cusps
    B. Sanchez-Padilla, A. Zukauskas, A. Aleksanyan, A. Balcytis, M. Malinauskas, S. Juodkazis, and E. Brasselet
    Optics Express 24, 24075-24082 (2016)
  • Bragg-Berry mirrors: reflective broadband q-plates
    M. Rafayelyan and E. Brasselet
    Optics Letters 41, 3972-3975 (2016)
  • Structured light: Optomechanical tomography
    E. Brasselet
    Nature Physics 12, 725 (2016)
  • Hybrid curved nano-structured micro-optical elements
    A. Balcytis, D. Hakobyan, M. Gabalis, A. Zukauskas, D. Urbonas, M. Malinauskas, R. Petruskevicius, E. Brasselet, and S. Juodkazis
    Optics Express 24, 16988-16998 (2016)
  • Reflective spin-orbit geometric phase from chiral anisotropic optical media
    M. Rafayelyan, G. Tkachenko, and E. Brasselet
    Physical Review Letters 116, 253902 (2016)
  • Optical physics: Harmonic angular Doppler effect 
    E. Brasselet
    Nature Photonics 10, 362-364 (2016)
  • Spin-orbit photonic interaction engineering of Bessel beams
    A. Aleksanyan and E. Brasselet
    Optica 3, 167-174 (2016)
  • Tailoring orbital angular momentum in the visible domain with metallic metasurfaces
    D. Hakobyan, H. Magallanes, G. Seniutinas, S. Juodkazis, and E. Brasselet
    Advanced Optical Materials 4, 306-312 (2016)
  • Multilayer Langmuir−Blodgett films as diffractive external 3D photonic crystal in blue OLEDs
    F. Dumur, S. Reculusa, M. Mruczkiewicz, M. Perrin, L. Vignau, and S. Fasquel
    Optics Express 24, 27184-27198 (2016)
  • Eigen−energy effects and non−orthogonality in the quasi−normal mode expansion of Maxwell Equations
    M. Perrin
    Optics Express 24, 27137−27151 (2016)
  • Structurally-driven enhancement of thermoelectric properties within poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) thin films
    I. Petsagkourakis, E. Pavlopoulou, G. Portale, B. A. Kuropatwa, S. Dilhaire, G. Fleury, and G. Hadziioannou
    Scientific Reports 6, 30501 (2016)
  • Ultrafast amplifier additive timing jitter characterization and control
    A. Casanova, Q. D’Acremont, G. Santarelli, S. Dilhaire, and A. Courjaud
    Optics Letters 41, 898 (2016)
  • Thermal behavior of high power GaAs-based laser diodes in vacuum environment
    J. Michaud, L. Béchou, D. Veyrié, F. Laruelle, S. Dilhaire, and S. Grauby
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28, 665-668 (2016)
  • Photoinduced electron transfer and hole migration in nanosized helical aromatic oligoamide foldamers
    X. Li, N. Markandeya, G. Jonusauskas, N. D. McClenaghan, V. Maurizot, S. A. Denisov, and I. Huc
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 138, 13568(2016)
  • Water-soluble naphthalimide-based ‘Pourbaix sensors’: pH and redox-activated fluorescent AND logic gates based on photoinduced electron transfer
    A. D. Johnson, K. A. Paterson, J. C. Spiteri, S. A. Denisov, G. Jonusauskas, A. Tron, N. D. McClenaghan, and D. C. Magri
    New Journal of Chemistry 40, 9917 (2016)
  • High performance optical oxygen sensors based on nanostructured films incorporating bichromophoric iridium complexes exhibiting interchromophore energy shuttling
    S. Medina-Rodriguez, S. Denisov, Y. Cudré, L. Male, M. Marín-Suárez, A. Fernández-Gutiérrez, J. F. Fernandez-Sanchez, A. Tron, G. Jonusauskas, N. D. McClenaghan, and E. D. Baranoff,
    Analyst 141, 3090 (2016).
  • Harnessing Reversible Electronic Energy Transfer : From Molecular Dyads to Molecular Machines
    S. A. Denisov, S. Yu, J.-L. Pozzo, G. Jonusauskas, and N. D. McClenaghan
    ChemPhysChem 17, 1794 (2016).
  • Electronic Energy Transfer Modulation in a Dynamic Foldaxane: Proof-of-Principle of a Lifetime-Based Conformation Probe
    S. A. Denisov, Q. Gan, X. Wang, L. Scarpantonio, Y. Ferrand, B. Kauffmann, G. Jonusauskas, I. Huc, and N. D. McClenaghan
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition55, 1328 (2016)
  • Simple and distortion-free optical sampling of terahertz pulses via heterodyne detection schemes
    J. Degert, M. Cornet, E. Abraham, and E. Freysz
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B 33, 2045-2050 (2016)
  • Development of a wavefront sensor for terahertz pulses
    E. Abraham, H. Cahyadi, M. Brossard, J. Degert, E. Freysz, and T. Yasui
    Optics Express 24, 5203-5211 (2016)
  • Frequency resolved cross-correlation between optical and terahertz pulses: Application to ultrashort laser pulse characterization
    M. Cornet, J. Degert, E. Abraham, and E. Freysz
    Optics Express 24 (3) , 3003-3010 (2016)
  • Compact nanosecond laser system for ignition of aeronautic combustion engines
    G. Amiard Hudebine, G. Tison, and E. Freysz
    Journal of Applied Physics 120, 233102 (2016)
  • Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, X-Ray analysis, and DFT-HF calculations of 5-ethoxymethyl-8-hydroxyquinoline
    H. Bougharraf, R. Benallal, M. El faydy, D. Mondieig, Ph. Negrier, T. Sahdane , B. Kabouchi, B. Lakhrissi, and A. Zawadzka
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 48, 1-13 (2016)
  • Crystal structure determination and thermal behavior upon melting of p-synephrine
    F. Rosa, Ph. Negrier, Y. Corvis, and Ph. Espeau
    Thermochimica Acta 18, 18-22 (2016)
  • Structure and reorientational dynamics of 1-F-adamantane.
    B. Ben Hassine, Ph. Negrier, M. Romanini, M. Barrio, R. Macovez, A. Kallel, D. Mondieig and J. Ll. Tamarit.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 10924-10930 (2016)
  • Trimorphism of N-methylurea : crystal structures, phase transitions and thermodynamic stabilities.
    G. Baaklini, G. Gbabode, S. Clevers, Ph. Negrier, D. Mondieig, and G.Coquerel
    CrystEngComm 18, 4772-4778 (2016)
  • Experimental and Theoritical Investigation of Molecular Structure and Charge Transfer Within Some 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivatives
    H. Bougharraf, R. Benallal, M. Elfaydy, D. Mondieig, Ph. Negrier, and S. Massip
    International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology 5, 209-222 (2016)
  • Racemic Compound and Conglomerate of Anhydrous Sibutramine Hydrochloride: A Rare Case of Relative Stability
    F. Rosa, Ph. Negrier, and Ph. Espeau.
    CrystEngComm 18, 6903-6907 (2016)
  • New Melting Data of the Two Polymorphs of Prednisolone
    Y. Corvis, Ph. Negrier; J. Soulestin, and Ph. Espeau
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120, 10839-10843 (2016)


  • Nano-proximity direct ion beam writing
    G. Seniutinas, G. Gervinskas, J. Anguita, D. Hakobyan, E. Brasselet, and S. Juodkazis
    Nanofabrication 2, 54-62 (2015)
  • Femtosecond laser structuring of silver-containing glass: Silver redistribution, selective etching, and surface topology engineering
    J.-C. Desmoulin, Y. Petit, L. Canioni, M. Dussauze, M. Lahaye, H. Magallanes Gonzalez, E. Brasselet, and T. Cardinal
    Journal of Applied Physics 118, 213104 (2015)
  • Optical torque reversal and spin-orbit rotational Doppler shift experiments
    D. Hakobyan and E. Brasselet
    Optics Express 23, 31230-31239 (2015)
  • Acoustic orbital angular momentum transfer to matter by chiral scattering
    R. Wunenburger, J. I. Vazquez Lozano, and E. Brasselet
    New Journal of Physics 17, 103022 (2015)
  • Creation and manipulation of topological states in chiral nematic microspheres
    T. Orlova, S. J. Asshoff, T. Yamaguchi, N. Katsonis, and E. Brasselet
    Nature Communications 6, 7603 (2015)
  • Patterning linear and nonlinear optical properties of photosensitive glasses by femtosecond structured light
    Y. Petit, K. Mishchik, E. Brasselet, A. Royon, T. Cardinal, and L. Canioni
    Optics Letters 40, 201-204 (2015)
  • Terahertz imaging applied to the examination of artistic objects
    E. Abraham, and K. Fukunaga
    Studies in Conservation 60, 343-352 (2015)
  • Analytical formalism for the interaction of two-level quantum systems with metal nanoresonators
    J. Yang, M. Perrin, and P. Lalanne
    Physical Review X 5, 021008 (2015)
  • In-line femtosecond common-path interferometer in reflection mode
    J. Chandezon, J.-M. Rampnoux, S. Dilhaire, B. Audoin, and Y. Guillet
    Optics Express 23, 27011 (2015)
  • Titanium-based silicide quantum dot superlattices for thermoelectrics applications
    G. Savelli, S. Silveira Stein, G. Bernard-Granger, P. Faucherand, L. Montès, S. Dilhaire, and G. Pernot
    Nanotechnology 26, 275605 (2015)
  • All-optical broadband ultrasonography of single cells
    T. Dehoux, M. Abi Ghanem, O. F. Zouani, J.-M. Rampnoux, Y. Guillet, S. Dilhaire, M.-C. Durrieu, and B. Audoin
    Scientific Reports 5, 8650 (2015)
  • Precise facet temperature distribution of high-power laser diodes: unpumped window effect
    J. Michaud, P. Del Vecchio, L. Béchou, D. Veyrié, M. A. Bettiati, F. Laruelle, and S. Grauby
    IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 27, 1002-1005 (2015)
  • Ultrafast Acoustic Vibrations of Bimetallic Nanoparticles
    T. Stoll, P. Maioli, A. Crut, J. Burgin, P. Langot, M. Pellarin, A. Sánchez-Iglesias, B. Rodríguez-González, L. M. Liz-Marzán, N. Del Fatti, and F. Vallée
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 , 1591–1599 (2015)
  • Lanthanide Luminescence Modulation by Cation–π Interaction in a Bioinspired Scaffold: Selective Detection of Copper(I)
    M. Isaac, S. A. Denisov, A. Roux, D. Imbert, G. Jonusauskas, N. D. McClenaghan, and O. Sénèque
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 127, 11615 (2015)
  • FRET versus PET: ratiometric chemosensors assembled from naphthalimide dyes and crown ether
    P. A. Panchenko, Y. V. Fedorov, O. Fedorova, and G. Jonusauskas
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 22749 (2015)
  • A supramolecular photocatalyst for the reduction of Au(III) to Au(I) and high-turnover generation of gold nanocrystals
    C. Mongin, I. Pianet, G. Jonusauskas, D. M. Bassani, and B. Bibal
    ACS Catalysis 5, 380 (2015)
  • Impact of the spin state switching on the dielectric constant of iron (II) SCO nanoparticles
    Iazzolino, G. Galle, J. Degert, J-F. Létard, and E. Freysz
    Chemical Physics Letters 641, 14 (2015)
  • Synthesis and Structural Study of N-Isopropenylbenzimidazolone
    D. Mondieig, Ph. Negrier, J. M. Leger, L. Lakhrissi, A. El Assyry, B. Lakhrissi, E. M. Essassi, B. Benali, and A. Boucetta
    Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A 89, 807-811 (2015)
  • Dynamic characterization of crystalline and glass phases of deuterated 1,1,2,2 Tetrachloroethane
    S.C. Perez, M.J. Zuriaga, P. Serra, A. Wolfenson, Ph. Negrier, and J. LI. Tamarit
    Journal of Chemical Physics 143, 134502 (2015)
  • Phase transition in hydrogen-bonded 1-adamantane-methanol
    B. Ben Hassine, Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, D. Mondieig, S. Massip, and J. LI. Tamarit
    Crystal Growth and Design 15, 4149-1455 (2015)