Philippe NEGRIER est membre de l’équipe Photonique & Matériaux, thématique Polymorphisme et Matériaux Mixtes.

Philippe NEGRIER est également membre des plateaux techniques Analyse Energétique (DSC) et Diffraction des Rayons X (RX) sur échantillons polycristallins.

Caractérisation Energétique et Radiocristallographique d’échantillons polycristallins en fonction de la température et de la composition. Etude des transitions de phases. Construction des diagrammes de phases. Résolution des structures cristallines.

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Activités / Actions
  • Responsabilité des services Analyses Energétiques et Diffraction des Rayons X
  • Personne Compétente en Radioprotection
  • Chargé d’évacuation
  • Encadrement des stagiaires et doctorants
  • Membre du comité hygiène et sécurité du laboratoire


Liste de mes publications dans Hal

  • Fatty Acids Polymorphism and Solid-State Miscibility. Pentadecanoic Acid-Hexadecanoic Acid Binary System.

G. Gbabode, Ph. NEgrier, D. Mondieig, E. Moreno, T. Calvet and M.A. Cuevas-Diarte.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 469(1-2) (2009), 539-551.

  • Connecting the Normal Pressure Equilibria of the Two-Component System CCl(CH3)3+CBrCl3 to the Pressure-Temperature Phase Diagrams of Pure Components.

M. Barrio, J.Ll. Tamarit, R. Céolin; L.C. Pardo; Ph. Negrier and D. Mondieig.

Chem. Phys. 358 (1-2) (2009), 156-160.

  • Synthesis and X-Ray Structures Of Unexpected 2-O-(5-Deoxy-1,2-O-Isopropylidene-a-D-Glucofuranos-5-yloxy)Quinoxalines.

C. Jarmoumi, B. Lakhrissi, D. Mondieig, Ph. Négrier, J.M. Leger, S. Massip, Z. Lazar,
B. Benali, M. Massoui and M. El Essassi.

J. Phys. Org. Chem. 22 (6) (2009), 585-592.

  • Competing Intermolecular Interactions In The High-Temperature Solid Phases Of Even Saturated Carboxylic Acids (C10H19O2H To C20H39O2H).

E. Moreno-Calvo, G. Gbabode, R. Cordobilla, T. Calvet, M.A. Cuevas-Diarte, Ph. Negrier and D. Mondieig.

Chem. Eur. J., 15 (2009), 13141-13149.

  • Crystal Structure Of 2-S-(1’-Deoxy-2’,3’:4’,5’-di-O-Isopropylidene-D,L-xylit-1’-ylthio)-3-Methylquinoxaline.

D. Mondieig, Ph. Negrier, J.M. Leger, S. Massip, B. Benali, C. Jermoumi and B. Lakhrissi.

Analytical Science, 26 (2010), x1-2.

  • Structure of Phase III and Polymorphism of (CH3)3CBr.

Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, J.Ll. Tamarit, N. Veglio and D. Mondieig.

Crystal Growth and Design, 10 (2010), 2793-2800.

  • Lidocaïne/L-Menthol Binary System : Cocrystallization versus Solid-State Immiscibility.

Y. Corvis, Ph. Negrier, M. Lazergues, S. Massip, J.M. Leger and Ph. Espeau.

J. Phys. Chem. B, 114(16) (2010), 5420-5426.

  • From High-Temperature Orientationally Disordered Mixed Crystals to Low-Temperature Complexes Formation in the Two-Component System (CH3)3CBr+Cl3CBr.M. Barrio, Ph. Negrier, J.Ll. Tamarit and D. Mondieig.J. Phys. Chem. B, 115(7) (2011), 1679-1688.
  • Crystal Structures of 3-Methyl-2(1H)-Quinoxalinone and Three Substituted Derivatives.

D. Mondieig, Ph. Negrier, S. Massip, J.M. Leger, C. Jarmoumi and B. Lakhrissi.

J. Phys. Org. Chem., 24 (12) (2011), 1193-1200.

  •  Solid-State Characterization of Enantiomeric and Racemic Hydrated and Anhydrous Zinc-Pidolates Complexes.

Ph. Espeau, Ph. Negrier, H. Allouchi, R. Céolin.

Crystal Growth and Design, 11 (8) (2011), 3418-3423.

  • Physicochemical Stability of Solid Dispersions of Enantiomeric or Racemic Ibuprofen in Stearic Acid.

Y. Corvis, Ph. Negrier and Ph. Espeau.

J. Pharm. Scien., 100(12) (2011), 5235-5243.

  • Emergence of glassy-like dynamics in an orientationally ordered phase.

M. Romanini, Ph. Negrier, J.Ll. Tamarit, S. Capaccioli, M. Barrio, L.C. Pardo
and D. Mondieig.

Phys. Rev. B 85 (2012), 134201.

  • Polymorphism in halogen-ethane derivatives: CCl3-CF2Cland CF3-CF2Cl.

Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, J.Ll. Tamarit, L.C. Pardo, D. Mondieig.

Crystal Growth and Design, 12 (3) (2012), 1513-1519.

  •  Insights into the Crystal Structure, Polymorphism and Thermal Behavior of Menthol Optical Isomers and Racemates.

Y. Corvis, Ph. Negrier, S. Massip, J.M. Leger and Ph. Espeau.

CrystEngComm, 14 (2012), 7055-7064.

  •  Crystal Structures and Spin-CrossOver in the Polymeric Material [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4), Including Coherent-Domain Size Reduction Effects.

A. Grosjean, Ph. NEgrier, P. Bordet, C. Etrillard, D. Mondieig, S. Pechev, E. Lebraud,
J.F. LEtard, and Ph. Guionneau.

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. (5-6) (2013), 796-802

  •  The Role of Stearic Acid in Ascorbic Acid Protection from Degradation: a Heterogeneous System for Homogeneous Thermodynamic Data.

Y. Corvis, M.C. Menet, Ph. Negrier, M. Lazerges and Ph. Espeau.

New J. Chem.37 (3) (2013), 761-768

  •  A Crystallographic and Pressure-Temperature State diagram Approch for the Phase Behavior and Polymorphism Study of Glutaric Acid.

Ph. Espeau, Ph. Negrier and Y. Corvis.

Crystal Growth and Design, 13 (2) (2013), 723-730.

  •  Polymorphism in Halogen-Ethane Derivatives: CCl3-CCl3 and ClF2C-CF2Cl.

Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, J.Ll. Tamarit and D. Mondieig.

Crystal Growth and Design, 13 (2) (2013), 782-791

  •  Molecular Dynamics of Spin Crossover: the (P,T) Phase Diagram of [Fe(PM-BIA)2(NCS)2].

A. Marbeuf, Ph. Negrier, S.F. Matar, L. Kabalan, J.F. Létard andPh. Guionneau.

Chem. Phys. 420 (2013), 25-34.

  •  Preparation, Crystal Structure and Caracterization of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Perovskite


K. Elmebrouki, M. Khechoubi, A. Kaïba, A. Belaaraj, Ph. Negrier and D. Mondieig.

J. Asian Scientific Research 3 (5) (2013), 454-461.

  •  Conformational Polymorphism: The Missing Phase of 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane (Cl2HC-CHCl2)

Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, J. Ll. Tamarit, D. Mondieig, M. J. Zuriaga and S. C. Perez.

Crystal Growth and Design, 13 (5) (2013), 2143-2148.

  •  Comprehensive Determination of the Solid State Stability of Bethanechol Chloride Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Using Combined Analytical Tools.

R. Rotival Y. Corvis, Y. Cartigny, Ph. Negrier, M. Marchivie, S. Massip, I. Gana, P. Lemoine and Ph. Espeau

CrystEngComm, 15 (39) (2013) 7970-7980.

  • Straightforward Synthesis of Metal-Organic-Frameworks by Indirect Bipolar Electrodeposition

S. Yadnum, J. Roche, E. Lebraud, Ph. Negrier, P. Garrigue, D. Bradshaw, C. Warakulwit,
J. Limtrakul, A. Kuhn.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53 (15) (2014), 4001-4005. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201400581.

  • Polymorphism of 2-adamantanone.

Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, M. Romanini, J. Ll. Tamarit, D. Mondieig, A.I. Krivchikov, L. Kepinski, A. Jezowski and D. Szewczyk.

Crystal Growth and Design, 14 (2014), 2624-2632.

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Curriculum vitae

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