The Condensed Matter Theory Group the 12th of October 2017 in front of the Laboratory

Our activities range from non-equilibrium statistical physics to quantum condensed-matter physics, mostly close to experiment. An non-exhaustive list includes colloidal transport, fluctuation of liquid interfaces, stochastic processes, correlated fermions, quantum magnetism, unconventional superconductivity, hybrid superconducting systems, nano mechanical systems, organic semiconductors, quantum transport, topological matter.

Faculty Members

Rémi Avriller, CNRS Researcher
Thomas Bickel, UB Associate Professor
Sebastien Burdin, UB Associate Professor
Alexandre Buzdin, UB and IUF Professor
Jérome Cayssol, UB Professor
David Dean, UB and IUF Professor
Dietrich Foerster, UB Emeritus Professor
Thomas Guerin, CNRS Researcher
Ludovic Jaubert, CNRS Researcher
Janis Kliava, UB Emeritus Professor
Joseph Leandri, UB Associate Professor
Fabio Pistolesi, CNRS Research Director
Thomas Salez, CNRS Researcher

Simon Villain Guillot, UB Associate Professor
Alois Würger, UB Professor


UB: Université de Bordeaux
CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
IUF: Honorary member of the Institut Universitaire de France










PhD students and Postdocs

Jonathan Atteia, Phd Student
Julie Baumard, Phd Student
Paul Gersberg, Phd Student
Goce Koleski, Phd Student
Aboubakry  Ly, Phd Student
William Magrini, Phd Student
Matthieu Mangeat, Phd Student
Mahdi Mcheik, Phd Student
Bishal Poudel, Phd Student
Quentin Schaeverbeke, Phd Student
Hao MENG, Postdoctoral
Clément DUTREIX, Postdoctoral
Marcela RODRIGUEZ MATUS, Phd Student