Helicity and duality symmetry in light-matter interactions

Par Ivan Fernandez-Corbaton, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Lundi 10 Octobre, 11h, Salle des séminaires (215), 2ème étage, Bâtiment A4N

Abstract :

My research has been revolving around the use of electromagnetic helicity and electromagnetic duality in light matter interactions. I use this pair in the general context of exploiting the symmetries of the scattering operators of the objects of interest. In my talk, I will give an overview of the framework and then speak about some results that I have obtained using it. For example, insights in optical activity, generalized zero back-scattering conditions, and a robust definition of electromagnetic chirality. I will then speak about future work, where I wish to use symmetry derived guidelines for the design of nanostructures with particular light-matter interaction properties.