Field-embedded particles driven by active flips

Par Jean-Baptiste Fournier, Professeur de physique, Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7

Mardi 13 Février, 14h, Salle des séminaires (215), 2ème étage, Bâtiment A4N

Abstract :

Systems of independent active particles embedded into a fluctuating environment are relevant to many areas of soft-matter science. We use a minimal model of noninteracting spin-carrying Brownian particles in a Gaussian field and show that activity-driven spin dynamics leads to patterned order. We find that the competition between mediated interactions and active noise alone can yield such diverse behaviors as phase transitions and microphase separation, from lamellar up to hexagonal ordering of clusters of opposite magnetization. These rest on complex multibody interactions. We find regimes of stationary patterns, but also dynamical regimes of relentless birth and growth of lumps of magnetization opposite to the surrounding one. Our approach combines Monte-Carlo simulations with analytical methods based on dynamical density functional approaches.

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