Seminaire de LabEx AMADEus

At 14:00, Monday  November 4, LOMA, A4N, Salle de Seminaires, room 215

Spontaneous currents in superconductor/ferromagnet hybrids

by Dr. Sergey MIRONOV
Institute for Physics of Microstructures, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

The seminar is devoted to the exotic electrodynamic phenomena originating at the interfaces between superconductors (S) and ferromagnets (F) due to the exchange of electrons between these two types of materials. First, we show that the spread of the Cooper pairs from the superconductor to the ferromagnet causes a strong inverse electromagnetic phenomenon, namely, the long-range transfer of the magnetic field from the ferromagnet to the superconductor. Another origin of the spontaneous current flowing along the S/F interfaces is the strong spin-orbit coupling arising due to the local breaking of the inversion symmetry. Such current creates a magnetic field near the superconductor surface, generates a stray magnetic field outside the sample edges and may generate the spontaneous Abrikosov vortices near the interface.


In additions Dr. Mironov will deliver a series of 3 lectures (in the framework of the  Doctoral School and EUR LIGHT) on


 Lectures abstract

In these lectures I plan to discuss the basic physical concepts beyond the emerging field of superconducting spintronics. It exploits the long lifetime of spin-polaried electron states in superconductors to suggest novel generation of qubits as well as memory cells and current controlling devices operating at THz frequencies. Although the magnetism and superconductivity are two antagonistic types of ordering they can peacefully coexist at the interfaces between superconductors and ferromagnetic materials in the artificial hybrid structures. During the lectures I will discuss the most intriguing exotic phenomena arising due to this coexistence and their possible applications in superconducting spintronivs.

  • Lecture 1 “Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism” – At 16:00, Tuesday  November 5,  LOMA, A4N, Salle de Seminaires, room 215
  • Lecture 2 “ Towards the superconducting spintronics – I: concepts of basic current-controlling devices “ – At 14:00, Wednesday  November 6,  LOMA, A4N, Salle de Seminaires, room 215
  • Lecture 3 “Towards the superconducting spintronics – II: half-metals and fully spin-polarized Cooper pairs “ – At 14:00, Thursday  November 7,  LOMA, A4N, Salle de Seminaires, room 215

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