Yann Lanoiselée
Post-doctoral researcher, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

Diffusion in heterogeneous media: from theory to cell biology

In this seminar, I will talk about the diffusion of molecular species in heterogeneous media with application to cell biology. The concepts of Brownian motion and anomalous diffusion will be presented. Then, the level of complexity present in living cells and why molecular diffusion matters to understand how they function with emphasis on signal transduction.

Then two aspects of my work will be presented. A story will be told that describes a general theoretical framework for situations where heterogeneities are time-dependent with emphasis on cases where the diffusion coefficient can randomly fluctuate. A case study of signal transduction will be presented the analysis of the mode of activation of beta-arrestin2 signal transducers through G-Protein Coupled Receptor stimulation.