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Charge-flow coupling in confined geometries

In collaboration with the experimental Soft matter group of LOMA, we study how the motion of a charged colloidal sphere close to a solid surface is affected by electrokinetic phenomena and charge advection.

Ionic thermoelectric materials

Ionic liquids and gels, and ions in polyelectrolyte matrices show very large Seebeck coefficients S of tens of mV/K, corresponding to a Peltier heat of transport Q of several hundreds of kBT. These numbers exceed by far those observed for salt solutions, solid-state semiconductors and metals, where S ~ kB/e = 85 μV/K and Q ~ kBT. We study possible mechanisms for these large values, in particular the hopping dynamics of the charge carriers, and companion fields of the applied temperature gradient,  such as concentration gradients of mobile moleculare components.

Self-propelling Janus particles

Active Janus particles move due to surface forces induced by self-generated concentration or temperature gradients. We study  various self-propulsion mechanisms in aqueous solution and in near-critical binary mixtures. For active nanoparticles trapped  in a harmonic tweezer potential, we find a non-equilibrium probabilty density which is characteristic for balistic motion through the trap.

Marangoni surfers

Active particles trapped at a liquid interface self-generate a temperature or concentration field. They thus locally reduce the interface tension and give rise to a Marangoni stress which results in long-range flow-fields.


Colloidal particles and DNA in a non-uniform temperature migrate to the hot or to the cold, depending on the surface and electrolyte properties. Underlying mechanisms are thermo-osmosis, molecular diffusion, and electro-osmosis.  Force-free trapping of nano-particles is achieved through dynamic temperature gradients in laser heated gold microstructures.




Thermoelectric effects at the nanoscale 2014-18 (Coordinator)
Electrodynamical diffuse layers 2019-2024 (Coordinator)



High-temperature thermophoresis 2018-23 (Partner)






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1987     MSc (Dipl. Phys.) Univ. Erlangen, Germany
1989     PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) Univ. Erlangen, Germany
1995     Habilitation (venia legendi) Univ. Heidelberg, Germany


1987-89        PhD student, Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble
1988-89        Scholarship Carl-Duisberg-Stiftung, Leverkusen, Germany
1989-90        Postdoc, Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble
1990-95        Assistant Professor, Univ. Heidelberg
1993              Visiting Professor Univ. Rennes (Sept-Oct)
1995-98        Research Associate, Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble
1998-             Professor, Université de Bordeaux
2013              Leibniz-Professor Univ. Leipzig (April-August)



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