Mardi 08/12/2015  The active motion of Janus colloids at the surface of water Antonio Stocco, Univ. Montpellier
Mardi 01/12/2015 Thermal microscopy in plasmonics using wavefront sensing. Applications in physics, chemistry and cell biology Guillaume Baffou, CNRS, Institut Fresnel, Marseille
Mardi 10/11/2015 Ecoulements induits par l’absorption d’une onde laser dans un système fluide à une et deux couches David Rivière, LOMA, Univ. Bordeaux
Mardi 03/11/2015 Gravitation Analogue en Hydrodynamique Germain Rousseaux, PPrime, CNRS, Univ. Poitiers
Mardi 20/10/ 2015  Dual Terahertz frequency comb Takeshi Yasui, Univ. Tokushima (JP)
Mardi 13/10/ 2015  Success After University: Taking the right steps towards a career in science Bryan Kuropatwa, LOMA, Univ. Bordeaux
Mardi 22/09/2015 Drops in an electric field: instabilities, bifurcations and phase field modelling Marco Fontelos, ICMAT, Madrid (ES)