Since spring 2022, the journal club takes a new form with:

  • Journal Club A

the journal club ‘authentic’

The objective of the journal club is to present articles related to the research topics investigated at the LOMA
Journal club = présentation rapide d’article de recherche
contact: Ulysse Delabre, Thomas Barois

  • Journal Club B

B is for ‘Brainstorm’ – contact: Nina Kravets

  • Journal Club D

D is for ‘Discussion’ – contact: Delphine Coursault

Please contact us for any questions.
Alumni of the Journal Club Team : Nicolas-Alexandre Goy, Hugo Chesneau, Antoine Girot, Goce Koleski, Antoine Deblais

Calendrier des présentations/Presentations Calendar

Duration = 30 min
When : les Jeudis à 15h30 / Thursdays 3:30 PM
Where : Salle des séminaires (215) 2e étage, Bât A4N

Date Image Titre présenté par
23/06/2022 JC Brainstorm
16/06/2022 JC Discussion
09/06/2022 JC Stagiaires L3+ L3+
19/05/2022 JC Stagiaires M1/M2 M1/M2

Extreme impact and cavitation forces of a biological hammer:
strike forces of the peacock mantis shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus

S. N. Patek and R. L. Caldwell
Journal of Experimental Biology (2005)

Nicolas Bruni
21/04/2022 fantastic presentations from our recently arrived lab members Newcomers
14/04/2022 JC Brainstorm
31/03/2022 Optimization of running strategies based on anaerobic energy and variations of velocity

Amandine Aftalion et Frédéric Bonnans (J. App. Math. 2014)

Ulysse Delabre
10/06/2021  Journal Club Special Issue :  2021 Internship
13/05/2021 Convective dispersion without molecular diffusion

Kevin D. Dorfman and Howard Brenner, Physica A (2003)

Arthur Alexandre
13/05/2021 Cythonize your python code Maxime Lavaud
29/04/2021 Slip Length Dependent Propulsion Speed of Catalytic Colloidal Swimmers near Walls

Stefania Ketzetzi et al., Phys Rev Let

Zouhir Benrahla
21/11/2019 Microstructure of a spatial map in theentorhinal cortex
Torkel Hafting & al.Nature August 2005
Thomas Barois
28/01/2021 Self-Propelled Chiral Particles,
Phys Rev Lett (2020)
Thomas Barois

Spread of epidemic disease on networks

M.E.J Newman

PHYSICAL REVIEW E 66, 016128 (2002)


Stefano Polizzi
30/01/2020 Biomechanical Characterization at the Cell Scale: Present and Prospects
Francesco Basoli & al.
Frontiers in physiology (2018)
Léo Delmarre
21/11/2019 Hot Electron Thermoreflectance Coefficient of Gold during Electron–Phonon Nonequilibrium
Elizabeth L. Radue, John A. Tomko, Ashutosh Giri, Jeffrey L. Braun, Xin Zhou, Oleg V. Prezhdo, Evan L. Runnerstrom, Jon-Paul Maria, Patrick E. Hopkins
ACS Photonics 2018, 5, 12, 4880-4887
Ahmad Zenji
14/11/2019 Energy dissipation of a Brownian particle in a viscoelastic fluid
Shoichi Toyabe and Masaki Sano
Phys. Rev. E 77, 041403
Alexandre Guillet
24/10/2019 Fast numerical computing with python
Numerical Computing in Python. In: Langtangen H.P. (eds) Python Scripting for Computational Science. Texts in Computational Science and Engineering, vol 3. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2009
Valérian Freysz
Frederic Català, Ferran Marsà, Mario Montes-Usategui, Arnau Farré & Estela Martín-Badosa
Scientific Reports volume 7, Article number: 16052 (2017)
Nicolas-Alexandre Goy
Christopher Battle, Chase P. Broedersz, Nikta Fakhri, Veikko F. Geyer,
Jonathon Howard, Christoph F. Schmidt, Fred C. MacKintosh
Arthur Alexandre
C.-K. Sun, F. Vallée, L.H. Acioli, E.P. Ippen & J.G. Fujimoto
Phys. Rev. B 50, 1994
Benjamin Vidal Montes
C.-K. Sun, F. Vallée, L.H. Acioli, E.P. Ippen & J.G. Fujimoto
Phys. Rev. B 50, 1994
Benjamin Vidal Montes
mercredi 29/05/2019
The M1 students will present their internship subject during 5 minutes Stagiaires M1
The M2 students will resent their internship subject during few minutes Stagiaires M2
A. Baert et al. Phys Rev Lett 122, 043902 (2019)
Louis Bellando De Castro
Some surprising features of road traffic: Review about road traffic

Thomas Barois
Jiangfan Yu, Ben Wang, Xingzhou Du, Qianqian Wang & Li Zhang
Nature Communications, 9, 3260 (2018)
Maxime Lavaud
Alexander T. Bradley , Finn Box, Ian J. Hewitt & Dominic Vella
Physical Review Letters 122, 074503 (2019)
Maxime Lavaud
The Sound Produced by a Dripping Tap is Driven by Resonant  Oscillations of an Entrapped Air Bubble
Samuel Phillips , Anurag Agarwal   & Peter Jordan
Scientific Report (2018)
Christian Pedersen
Rediffusion de la leçon inaugurale pour la Chaire ‘Matière Molle et Biophysique’ au Collège de France. (in French)
Jean-François Joanny
Kajornedjnukul, V. et al.
Sci. Rep. 5, 14861, (2015)
Hugo Chesneau
Brincker, M., Karlsen, P., Skovsen, E., & Søndergaard, T.
(2016) AIP Advances, 6(2), [025015]
Christian B. Sørensen
Margarida Archinard (2007), Annals of Science, 64:4, 471-524
Paul Gersberg
29/11/2018 Frédéric Dutin

Experimental superposition of orders of quantum gates
Lorenzo M. Procopio et al.,
Nature Communications, 6: 7913 (2015)

Bishal Poudel

Observaton of a single-beam gradient force optical trap for dielectric particles
A. Ashkin, J.M. Dziedzic, J.E. Bjorkholm, and Steven Chu
Optics Letters, Vol. 11, Issue 5, pp. 288-290 (1986)

Louis Bellando de Castro

Controlled Uniform Coating from the Interplay of Marangoni Flows and Surface-Absorbed Macromolecules
Hyoungsoo Kim, et al.,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 124501 (2016)

Nicolas Alexandre GOY

Dripping to jetting transitions in coflowing liquid streams
Utada, A. S., Fernandez-Nieves, A., Stone, H. A., & Weitz, D. A.
Physical Review letters, 99(9), 094502 (2007)

Raphaël Saiseau

Elastohydrodynamic lift at a soft wall
Heather S. Davies, Delphine Débarre, Nouha El Amri, Claude Verdier, Ralf P. Richter, and Lionel Bureau
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 198001 (2018)

Maxime Lavaud

In preparation of Jean Comtet’s seminar at the LOMA (March, 13th)

Nanoscale capillary freezing of ionic liquids confined between metallic interfaces and the role of electronic screening
Jean Comtet, Antoine Niguès, Vojtech Kaiser, Benoit Coasne, Lydéric Bocquet & Alessandro Siria
Nature Materials volume 16, pages 634–639 (2017)

Marcela Rodriguez Matus
22/02/2018 Vapor and Gas-Bubble Growth Dynamics around Laser-Irradiated, Water-Immersed Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Yuliang Wang, Mikhail E. Zaytsev, Hai Le The, Jan C. T. Eijkel, Harold J. W. Zandvliet, Xuehua Zhang, and Detlef Lohse
ACS Nano, 2017, 11 (2), pp 2045–2051
Yuliang Wang
15/02/2018 How drops starts sliding over solid surfaces
Nan Gao, Florian Geyer, Dominik W. Pilat, Sanghyuk Wooh, Doris Vollmer, Hans-Jürgen Butt & Rüdiger Berger
Nature Physics volume 14, pages 191–196 (2018)
Verma Gopal
22/12/2017 2017- APS meeting of the Dynamic Fluid Division Hugo Chesneau

1- On Thermophones
P. De Lange
Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 1915

2- Sculpting of an erodible body by flowing water,
Leif Ristroph, Matthew N. J. Moore, Stephen Childress, Michael J. Shelley, and Jun Zhang
PNAS, 2012
The papers are in connection with two problems addressed by the International Physics Tournament 2018

Thomas Barois

Collective Motion of Humans in Mosh and Circle Pits at Heavy Metal concerts
Silverberg, J. L., Bierbaum, M., Sethna, J. P., & Cohen, I.
Physical Review Letters, 110(22), 228701 (2013)

Paul Gersberg

Sound and vision: visualization of music with a soap film
C. Gaulon et al.
Eur. J. Phys. 38 045804 (2017)

Julie Baumard

Single-molecule strong coupling at room temperature in plasmonic nanocavities
Chikkaraddy, Rohit, et al.,
Nature 535.7610 (2016): 127.

Quentin Schaeverbeke
5 présentations de 5 min.

Présentation des stages de L3

Stagiaires L3

Présentation des stages de M1

Stagiaires M1
8/06/2017 Hugo Chesneau, Becharra Murr,
Sakly Naheb,
Aymen Ben amor
Loic Tabourin,
Stefano Polizzi

Présentation des stages de M2

Stagiaires M2
13/04/2017 Cavity-Controlled Chemistry in Molecular Ensembles
Felipe Herrera, and Frank C. Spano
PRL 116, 238301 (2016)
Rémi Avriller
23/03/2017 Mechanical Detection and Measurement of the Angular Momentum of Lignt
Physical Review (1936)
Benjamin Sanchez-Padilla
16/03/2017 Fast Dynamic of Water Droplets Freezing from the Outside in
Wildeman, S., Sterl, S., Sun, C., & Lohse, D.
Physical Review Letters, 118(8), 084101 (2017)
Paul Gersberg
16/02/2017 Publier: à quel prix et pour quel impact ? Bernadette Bergeret
09/02/2017 Light-controlled flows in active fluids
Dervaux, J., Resta, M. C., & Brunet, P.
Nature Physics (2016)
Frédéric Dutin
26/01/2017 Combinatorial design of textured mechanical metamaterials
Corentin Coulais, Eial Teomy, Koen de Reus, Yair Shokef & Martin van Hecke
Nature 2016
Thomas Barois
12/01/2017 Illusion Optics: The Optical Transformation of an Object into Another Object
Lai et al..
Physical review letters, 102(25), 253902(2009)
Mikaël Ghadimi Nassiri
1/12/2016 image-iazzolinoimage-iazzolino2 Elasto-capillary in insect fibrillar adhesion
Gernay et al.

Antonio Iazzolino

24/11/2016 matthieu-mangeat Kinetics equations for diffusion in the presence of entropic barriers
D. Reguera et J. M Rubi
Phys Rev E, 64, 061106 (2001)
Matthieu Mangeat
23/06/2016 LE JOURNAL CLUB DES STAGIAIRES de L3 stagiaires de L3
16/06/2016 Mcheik4 Stability and Oriantation of Lamellae in Diblock Copolymer Films
Vanessa Weith, Alexei Krekhov and Walter Zimmermann
J. Chem. Phys. 139, 054908 (2013)
Madhi Mcheik
09/06/2016 Koleski Walking with coffee: Why does it spill ?
H.C. Mayer and R. Krechetnikov
Physical Review E 85, 046117 (2012)
Goce Koleski
31/03/2016 JC_Artur_Aleksanyan3 Light-Fueled Microscopic Walkers
Hao Zeng, Piotr Wasylczyk, Camilla Parmeggiani, Daniele Martella, Matteo Burresi and Diederik Syvolt Wiersma
Advanced Materials (2015)
Arthur Aleksanyan
24/03/2016  JC_Olga_Lozan A reconfigurable plasmofluidic lens
Chenglong Zhao, Yongmin Liu, Yanhui Zhao, Nicholas Fang & Tony Jun Huang
Nature communications (2013)
Olga Lozan
03/03/2016 JC_Musheg Three-Dimensional Invisibility Cloak at Optical Wavelengths
Tolga Ergin, Nicolas Stenger, Patrice Brenner, John B. Pendry, Martin Wegener
Science (2010)
Musheg Rafayelyan
18/02/2016 Louyer Near-field interferometry of a free-falling nanoparticle from a point-like source
James Bateman, Stefan Nimmrichter, Klaus Hornberger, Hendrik Ulbrich
Nature Communication, 2014
Yann Louyer
11/02/2016 Mcheik Data Parallel Three-Dimensional Cahn-Hilliard Field Equation Simulation on GPUs with CUDA
D.P. Playne and K.A. Hawick
Technical Report CSTN-073, 2009
Mahdi Mcheik
10/12/2015 Journal_club_Marion_Mathelie Holographic acoustic elements for manipulation of levitated objects
Asier Marzo, Sue Ann Seah, Bruce W. Drinkwater, Deepak Ranjan Sahoo, Benjamin Long & Sriram Subramanian
Nature communication. 2015
Marion Mathélie-Guinlet
3/12/2015 Journal_club_thomas_guerin-1 The rise of fully turbulent flow
Dwight Barkley, Baofang Song, Vasudevan Mukund, Grégoire Lemoult, Marc Avila & Björn Holf
Nature, Vol 526, 22 October 2015
Thomas Guérin
26/11/2015 David_Riviere-4 Electrohydrodynamic tip streaming and emission of charged drops from liquid cones
Robert T. Collins, Jeremy J. Jones, Michael T. Harris and Osman A. Basaran
Nature Physics,> 2008
David Rivière
19/11/2015 Journal_club_Simon_Villain_Guillot Negative Absolute Temperature for Motional Degrees of Freedom
S. Braun, J.P. Ronzheimer, M. Schreiber, S.S. Hodgman, T. Rom, I. Bloch, U. Schneider
Science 339, 52 (2013)
Simon Villain-Guillot
12/11/2015 girot3 Spontaneous droplet trampolining on rigid superhydrophobic surfaces
Thomas M. Schutzius, Stefan Jung, Tanmoy Maitra, Gustav Graeber, Moritz Köhme & Dimos Poulikakos.
Nature, Vol 527, 5 November 2015
Antoine Girot
22/10/2015 Micchi
Quantum Information Processing with Nanomechanical Qubits
Simon Rips and Michael J. Hartmann
Physical Review Letters, 110, 120503 (2013)
Gianluca Micchi
08/10/2015 Journal_club_Alois_Wurger Thermophoretic Forces on DNA Measured with a Single-Molecule Spring Balance
Jonas N. Pedersen, Christopher J. Lüscher, Rodolphe Marie, Lasse H. Thamdrup, Anders Kristensen, and Henrik Flyvbjerg.
Physical Review Letters 113, 268301 (2014)
Alois Würger
01/10/2015 Journal_club_Jonathan Hofstadter’s butterfly and the fractal quantum Hall effect in moiré superlattices
C. R. Dean, L. Wang, P. Maher, C. Forsythe, F. Ghahari, Y. Gao, J. Katoch, M. Ishigami, P. Moon, M. Koshino, T. Taniguchi, K.Watanabe, K. L. Shepard, J. Hone & P. Kim
Nature Letter, May 2013
Jonathan Atteia
02/07/2015 David Rivière3 From coffee rings to coffe eyes
Yanshen Li, Cunjing Lv, Zhaohan Li, David Quere and Quanshui Zheng
Soft Matter, 2015
David Rivière
18/06/2015 JC_Burgin Controlling the near-field oscillations of loaded plasmonic nanoantennas
M. Schnell, A. Garcia-Etxarri, A. J. Huber, K. Crozier, J. Aizpurua and R. Hillenbrand
Nature Photonics, Vol 3, May 2009
Julien Burgin
11/06/2015 JC-Amarouchene Rheology and Dynamics of Colloidal Superballs
John R. Royer, George L. Burton, Daniel L. Blair, and Steven D. Hudso
Soft Matter(2015)
Yacine Amarouchène
04/06/2015 Linear momentum..... H. Magallanes Linear momentum increase and negative optical forces at dielectric interface
Veerachart Kajorndejnukul, Weigiang Ding, Sergey Sukhov, Cheng-Wei Qiu and Aristide Dogariu
Nature Photonics,Vol 7, October 2013
Hernando Magallanes
28/05/2015 Stability of... Mahdi Mcheik Stability of frozen waves in the modified Cahn-Hilliard model
E.S. Benilov, W.T. Lee, and R.O. Sedakov
Physical review E 87, 032138 (2013)
Mahdi Mcheik
21/05/2015 JC_Rim_Harich_2 Liquid Ropes : A Geometrical Model for Thin Viscous Jet Instabilities
P.-T. Brun, Basile Audoly, Neil M. Ribe, T. S. Eaves and John R. Lister.
Physical Review Letters (2015)
 Rim Harich
07/05/2015 JC_Carlene_Farias Modulated Spin Liquid: A New Paradigm for URu2Si2
C. Pépin, M. R. Norman, S. Burdin and A. Ferraz.
Physical Review Letters (2011)
Carlene Farias
16/04/2015 Ultrasensitive force detection with a nanotube mechanical resonator
J. Moser, J. Güttinger, A. Eichler, M. J. Esplandiu, D. E. Liu, M. I. Dykman and A. Bachtold.
Nature nanotechnology (2013)
Gianluca Micchi
09/04/2015 JC_Marion_Mathelie Destructive extraction of phospholipids from Escherichia coli membranes by graphene nanosheets

Yusong Tu, Min Lv, Peng Xiu, Tien Huynh, Meng Zhang, Matteo Castelli, Zengrong Liu, Qing Huang, Chunhai Fan, Haiping Fang and Ruhong Zhou
Nature nanotechnology, July 2013
Marion Mathélie
02/04/2015 JC_Minh_Nguyen Multifunctional surfaces produced by femtosecond laser pulses
A. Y. Vorobyev and Chunlei Guo
Journal of Applied Physics, January 2015
Minh-Hoang Nguyen
26/03/2015 JC_Quentin_Dacremont Length-dependent thermal conductivity in suspended single-layer graphene
Xiangfan Xu, Luiz F.C. Pereira, Yu Wang, Jing Wu, Kaiwen Zhang, Xiangming Zhao, Sukang Bae, Cong Tinh Bui, Rongguo Xie, John T.L. Thong, Byung Hee Hong, Kian Ping Loh, Davide Donadio, Baowen Li & Barbaros O. zyilmaz.
Nature communications, avril 2014
Quentin D’Acremont
19/03/2015 JC_Artur_Aleksanyan Optofluidic-tunable color filters and spectroscopy based on liquid-crystal microflows
J. G. Cuennet, A. E. Vasdekis and D. Psaltisa
Lab on a chip,
Artur Aleksanyan
12/03/2015 ship Ship Wakes: Kelvin or Mach Angle?
Marc Rabaud and Frédéric Moisy <
Phys Rev Lett. 110, 214503 (2013)
Alexandre Vilquin
19/02/2015 JC_Hamine_Ould_Hamouda 90-degree optical switching of output second-harmonic light in chiral photomagnet
Shin-ichi Ohkoshi, Shinjiro Takano, Kenta Imoto, Marie Yoshikiyo, Asuka Namai & Hiroko Tokoro
Nature Photonics 24 November 2013
Amine Ould Hamouda
05/02/2015 JC_Antonio_Iazzolino Soft 3D acoustic metamaterial with negative index
Thomas Brunet, Aurore Merlin, Benoit Mascaro, Kevin Zimny, Jacques Leng, Olivier Poncelet, Christophe Aristégui and Olivier Mondain-Monval
Nature Materials 15 december 2014
Antonio Iazzolino
22/01/2015 JC_David_Riviere Dynamic Photocontrol of the Coffee-Ring Effect with Optically Tunable Particle Stickiness
Manos Anyfantakis and Damien Baigl
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,2014
David Riviere
15/01/2015 JC_Marion_Cornet Quasi-Phase-Matching High-Harmonic Radiation Using Chirped THz Pulses
Katalin Kovacs, Emeric Balogh, Janos Hebling, Valer Tosa, and Katalin Varju
Physical Review Letters, 108, 193903 (2012)
Marion Cornet
08/01/2015 JC_Rim_Harich Universal Power Law Governing Pedestrian Interactions
Ioannis Karamouzas, Brian Skinner, and stephen J. Guy
Physical Review Letters, 113, 238701 (2014)
Rim Harich
04/12/2014 Video-rate terahertz electric-field vector imaging Video-rate terahertz electric-field vector imaging
Mayuko Takai, Masatoshi Takeda, Manabu Sasaki, Takehiro Tachizaki, Naoya Yasumatsu, and Shinichi Watanabe
Applied Physics Letters, 105, 151103 (2014)
Jean-Baptiste Perraud
27/11/2014 Batolo_reversibility Geometrically protected reversibility in hydrodynamic Loschmidt-echo experiments
Raphael Jeanneret & Denis Bartolo
Nature Communications, 5,3474 (2014)
Ulysse Delabre
20/11/2014 biophysna_2 Nanoparticle solutions as adhesives for gels and biological tissues
Séverine Rose, Alexandre Prevoteau, Paul Elziere, Dominique Hourdet, Alba Marcellan & Ludwik Leibler
Nature, 505, 382 (2014)
Ibtissem Gammoudi
13/11/2014 Marion_JC Interaction of Nanoparticles with Lipid Membrane
Yuri Roiter, Maryna Ornatska, Aravind R. Rammohan, Jitendra Balakrishnan, David R. Heine and Sergiy Minko
Nano Letters Vol.8, No.3 941-944 (2008)
Marion Mathelie
06/11/2014 Dauchot_PRL Collective motion of vibrated disks
Julien Deseigne, Olivier Dauchot, and Hugues Chate
PRL 105, 098001 (2010)
Antoine Deblais
23/10/2014 Thz_JC Detection of colon cancer by terahertz techniques
Faustino Wahaia, Gintaras Valusis, Luis M. Bernardo, Abílio Almeida, Joaquim A. Moreira, Patricia C. Lopes, Jan Macutkevic, Irmantas Kasalynas, Dalius Seliuta, Ramunas Adomavicius, Rui Henrique, Machado Lopes
Journal of Molecular Structure 1006 (2011) 77–82
Joyce Bou Sleiman
16/10/2014 2014-NC_Unravelling Unravelling the effects of radiation forces in water
Nelson G.C. Astrath, Luis C. Malacarne, Mauro L. Baesso, Gustavo V.B. Lukasievicz & Stephen E. Bialkowski
NATURE Communication, Published 7 Jul 2014
Jean-Pierre Delville
à 16H00
JC10 Scaling macroscopic aquatic locomotion
Mattia Gazzola, Médéric Argentina, and L. Mahadevan
NATURE physics, Septembre 2014
Alexandre Vilquin
09/10/2014 à 16H00 JC_9 Experimental demonstration of optical transport, sorting and self-arrangement using a ‘tractor beam’
O. Brzobohaty, V. Karasek, M. Siler, L. Chvatal, T. Cizmar and P. Zemanek
Artur Aleksanyan
19/06/2014 JC_7 Daughter bubble cascades produced by folding of ruptured thin films
James C. Bird, R. de Ruiter, Laurent Courbin & Howard A. Stone
Nature, 465, 759 (2010)
Hamid Kellay
12/06/2014 JC_6 Intrinsic and Extrinsic Nature of the Orbital Angular Momentum of a Light Beam</a
A. T. O’Neil, I. MacVicar, L. Allen, and M. J. Padgett
Phys Rev. Lett, 88, 053601 (2002)
Davit Hakobyan
05/06/2014 Terahertz_kerr_effect-2 Terahertz Kerr effet
Matthias C. Hoffmann, Nathaniel C. Brandt, Harold Y. Hwang, Ka-Lo Yeh and Keith A. Nelson
Applied Phys Lett, 88, 053601 (2002)
Marion Cornet
22/05/2014 JC_4-2 Sliding Friction on Wet and Dry Sand,
A. Fall, B. Weber, M. Pakpour, N. Lenoir, N. Shahidzadeh, J. Fiscina, C. Wagner, and D. Bonn
PRL, 112, 175502 (2014)
Alexandre Vilquin
15/05/2014 JC_3 Spatial Cooperativity in Soft Glassy Flows
J. Goyon, A. Colin, G. Ovarlez, A. Ajdari, L. Bocquet,
Nature, vol 454, (2008) 07026
Antoine Deblais
07/05/2014 2_temperature_222px Time-resolved temperature rise in a thin liquid film due to laser absorption,
María Luisa Cordero, Emilie Verneuil, François Gallaire, and Charles N. Baroud
Phys Rev E 2009
David Rivière
30/04/2014 1_pullingbubbles Pulling bubbles from a bath,
Justin C. T. Kao, Andrea L. Blakemore, and A. E. Hosoi,
Physics of Fluids (2010)
Rim Harich